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Electric vehicle chargers are not spread evenly throughout the United States. While the country as a whole has roughly 37 ports per 100,000 people (half that of the European Union), the bulk of those are in California and Vermont, with much of the rest of the country sitting closer to 10 per person. Given that the United States also has an astonishingly low population density, it becomes obvious why the availability of EV charging stations is such a “key concern” for potential electric drivers.

So with all that said…how does one find EV charging stations? Given the prerequisite of technological literacy within the field, it seems like putting a device to do so in an EV charging app might help assuage the worries of EV drivers. And that’s exactly what EV Connect has done with its EV Connect Driver App.

This article is a little different from our others. It will focus on explaining how the app works and go over its benefits, especially as they pertain to the benefit of using the app over something like Google Maps. 

The Wrong Tool for the Job: The Problem with Google Maps

That difference is the best place to start. A search for electric vehicle charging stations on Google Maps is unreliable, on a good day. Part of this is because Google Maps, in a way, is trying to do too much. It isn’t specialized. This also means that it isn’t equipped to tell you everything you need to know about charging stations. 

How To Find EV Charging Stations With the EV Connect Driver App

The EV Connect app, on the other hand, locates stations based on the area, availability, the power levels provided and accessibility. It also smooths over the process of charging. Once you arrive, you can start your session by entering the ID in the app or just scanning the QR code. It really is that simple.

Benefits of the EV Connect Driver App

There are plenty of benefits of EV Connect’s EV charging app. Let’s take a look.


There are more casual benefits to the app, too. Those who make regular commutes to certain areas can “favorite” locations they prefer due to safety reasons, accessibility or the presence of high-speed ports. The design is meant to be intuitive and simple, in sharp contrast to all the bells and whistles that can make Google Maps a pain for those in a rush. After all, who wants to wrestle with all that nonsense just to find a place to charge? Those minutes add up, and the efficiency of the app saves you time and mental energy that you can enjoy spending elsewhere.

Roaming and Interoperability

The EV Connect Driver App’s most obvious benefit is the roaming and interoperability, where you’ll get access to nearby charging stations, as well as charging stations from our Partner Roaming Network, available on your phone. You’ll be able to see which stations are available, which ones have which equipment, and even schedule a specific time of day to charge- you’ll never have to worry about being caught off-guard.

Easy Payment

Payment with the app is simple. You can either enter the code for the individual station you’re using, or scan the QR code… and that’s it! You’re paid! 

View Charging History

On top of the easy of payment, the app allows you to track your charging history. This can help you fine-tune your expenses and get a better sense of how much your commute is costing you and how much your electric vehicle is saving you.

Customer Support

Finally, there’s the 24/7 support line. If, at any time, you run into a problem with the app — or a problem with the charging station or finding a place to charge — you can call in or connect through the app (whichever you prefer) and EV Connect will help.

Make EV Charging Easy

In short, the EV Connect Driver App seeks to smooth over all those problems that both individual drivers and businesses face with their day-to-day driving, combining the technological prowess that powers the EV industry with solid design philosophy. At the end of the day, you’ll even look back on your old gas driving days as inconvenient. Download the app today to try it for yourself.


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