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EV charging stations can drive added profits to your business, whether you are a property manager for commercial properties, a landlord in a complex, or if you own a retail or hospitality company. But before you embark on launching EV charging as a white label, it’s important to understand the regulations and best practices.

How can you add EV charging stations to your business, what do you need to know before you do, and why should you consider EV charging as a white label application? 

How To Add EV Charging With Your Branding

Business owners across the U.S. are beginning to see the myriad of benefits to installing EV charging stations. As with any other major business improvement or construction project, it’s wise to consult with professionals before taking the first step. If you’re starting without any EV charging stations, you will want to ensure you have the proper infrastructure and electrical capabilities in place to power your stations. 

Important EV Charging Regulations

Your city, municipality or state may have regulations related to where you can place EV charging stations. The regulations vary, but in general, are related to: 

  • Placement

  • Height

  • Mounting systems

  • Type of chargers

  • Number of chargers

  • Parking configurations

Working with a professional EV charging installation company like EV Connect can help, as the experts know the specific regulations for your area that pertain to your type of business. 

Additionally, to qualify for EV incentives at the local, state, and federal levels, you must have a service contract in place and be able to guarantee minimum uptimes for your charging stations. Incentives and rebates make it easier to begin generating a tangible return-on-investment for your EV charging stations faster, so you want to make sure you qualify for all that you can.  

Monetizing Your EV Charging White Label

Once you’ve had your chargers professionally installed, it’s time to think about serving your customers and monetizing your platform. 

White label EV charging solutions make it easy to get started or scale your network of charging stations. You’ll receive a feature-rich EV charging management platform branded to your business, along with a branded mobile app. You can control pricing based on many factors or combine pricing models to meet the needs of different charging locations and their clientele. 

How an API Platform Can Streamline Your EV Charging Business

If you already have your own EV charging solution software or want to develop your own, consider using an API platform that integrates into an existing mobile app and charging station solution to provide additional features and flexibility. 

Best Practices for Your EV Charging Stations

Installing EV charging stations can be a smart move for most businesses, including commercial real estate developers and landlords, but if it’s not done properly, it can cause costly headaches. Understanding and following rules and regulations, choosing the correct business model, and embracing a white label business model can put you on the fast track to success. 

Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations as a White Label

When you monetize your EV charging stations as a white label application, customers will associate your EV charging solutions with your brand – not a third-party service. They will view your company as environmentally conscious, focused on sustainability, and eager to provide added value to your clients. 

As EV sales continue to grow, you can directly develop your EV charging stations as a revenue driver for your business by billing clients for the service. You can also increase revenue at your core business since your chargers will keep people at your location longer. EV charging capabilities may also help attract talent to your company, especially today when recruiting skilled workers presents so many challenges. 

Whether you want to embrace the benefits of a white label for your charging platform or use API integration on your current software, you can get started quickly and easily with EV Connect


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